Brian & Christine (Federal Way, WA)

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Joyce Lowe in finding our new home this last summer. She had been one of three agents recommended to us by our banker. As it turned out, I don´t believe that a better agent could have been suggested. It had been several years since either my wife or I had been in the market for a new home, and we were a bit apprehensive about what to expect. Joyce took the time to get a good understanding of the type of property we would be interested in and proceeded to provide us with possibilities. She made us feel as though we were out looking at properties with a trusted friend, pointing out possible problems which we might not have noticed until too late. When we did settle upon a property which we wanted to make an offer on, her expertise became truly invaluable. She did everything possible to clear the obstacles during the negotiation period. As a result, we are the very happy and proud homeowners in our new home. Brian and Christine (Federal Way, WA) P.S. We hope that if we find ourselves in the real estate market again that we will have the services of Joyce again. We will gladly pass her name on to any family or friends who are buying or selling property in the area.