As we head into this final part of the year, it’s easy to understand why many of us are feeling a little worse for wear. In January, we’re all about having a fresh start; we go through our annual traditions of reflecting on the year before creating resolutions for the months ahead. It’s a time of hope and renewal.

When the summer rolls around, there’s a carefree energy that takes hold of our little world. The warmer weather allows us to enjoy our surroundings as we embrace the sun kissing our bare skin while filling our bellies with fresh, seasonal fare.

By the time the leaves start to change, it’s easy to feel like the best months of the year are behind us. Even if you love Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice and all the wonderful things that come along in the fall, you might also feel weighed down. As the days gets shorter and the nights grow colder, we bundle up and stay indoors.

Mentally, we can start to feel sluggish too. After months of glorious sunshine, it can be tough for any of us to start and end the day in darkness. Don’t let that get you into a fall-induced funk, though. Instead, make a conscious decision to engage in activities that can improve your mood!

Try a New Hobby

In the summer, we often revitalize our joie de vivre by trying something new — paddleboarding, rafting or even a roller coaster — but how often do we nurture our adventurous spirits in the cooler months? Along with the cooler weather, it’s like we simply run out of steam. One way to freshen things up is to try a new hobby.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never made the time? Go do it. Now! Have your friends been inviting you to something that you’ve been too shy to try? Give it a chance! If you need some inspiration, look through local Groupon deals. There might be a voucher for learning circus tricks with your name on it!

Meet New Friends

Let’s get honest. Over the last couple years, relationships in general have been tested as politics and social issues have overtaken our daily lives. Your once-solid squad might be missing in action and, despite your attempts to work on things, you’ve been spending a lot of time alone. Maybe it’s time to make some new friends!

Look for some activities or groups in your area where you might meet people with common interests. In fact, while you’re testing out that new hobby, lay some seeds and see if any friendships grow.

Feed Your Mind

We probably consume more on a daily basis than we ever have before. As we scroll through our devices, we come in contact with countless bits of information, but is any of it adding real value to our lives? As you take shelter inside during these chillier months, find some intentional ways of feeding your mind.

Join a book club, take a class or even practice guided meditation. The goal is to bring some new perspectives into your life to broaden your horizons. We should always be striving to expand our knowledge and outlook on life. This is one great, empowering way to elevate and transform our thinking.

Get Active

When you allow yourself to feel trapped indoors, it’s easy to grow sedentary, but this time of year doesn’t have to be an inactive one. These autumn months are a great time to try outdoor activities that you might not be able to do during the summertime. Invest in some weather-appropriate gear and attire and you’ll be just fine!

Even if you don’t venture out into the increasingly frigid temps, there are other ways to get your body moving. Hit the gym or create a workout space in your home, check out a barre or yoga class or incorporate stretching into your morning and bedtime routines. Experiment a little and find something that works for you!

Reevaluate Social Media

Many of us have formed an unhealthy relationship with social media. We can barely go an hour without checking our feeds or sharing every detail of our lives. If you find yourself twitching because you haven’t been able to scroll for a while, it might be time for a detox.

Consider deactivating your account or deleting the app for a week or two. It will probably be tough at first but, over time, you might be amazed by how much social media has been affecting you. If you can’t bring yourself to take a break, review the people and pages to which you subscribe. Are they adding anything valuable to your life? Are they overly critical or negative? If so, consider removing and replacing them with something more positive. We need more positivity in our world right now!

Out With the Old

Finally, as we transition into the end of another year, it might be the right time to say goodbye to certain people, places or things. Are certain relationships weighing you down? Are you unhappy at work? Do you need a new hairdresser? We all have areas in which we could improve and, rather than continue to procrastinate and continue to be miserable, come up with a plan for addressing these situations.

Meanwhile, plan a decluttering session in your home, at your office and in your vehicle. Have a strategy for dealing with sentimental items you wish to keep but, otherwise, be ruthless about removing unnecessary junk from your life. Donate what you no longer need and keep only the items that you actually use and enjoy.

Fall is a wonderful time to grab a warm drink, don some flannel and huddle around with good company. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the goals we set all the way back in January and how we can put in the effort to end our year feeling happy and fulfilled.

Don’t let the shorter days and cooler temps lull you into hibernation. Instead, luxuriate in the sense of comfort that comes with this time of year as you push forward towards completing your goals. You’ve got this!


This article was written by Jeanne Croteau from Forbes and was legally licensed by AdvisorStream through the NewsCred publisher network.